Strategic Email Marketing

A strategic Email marketing and communication solution that delivers and tracks communications.

Email Marketing

Let us streamline your email communications with Radiant Response, a solution that allows you to upload, store and manage your email contact list, create and send professional email messages, and track the success of each email communication.

Radiant Response: A Better Email Delivery Service

It's not enough to know the message was sent. Use Radiant Response to measure the results of each email activity based on contact behavior by the business prospects, customers and employees that receive your emails. Utilize our comprehensive reporting and analytic tools to track key performance indicators in real-time, such as opens, clicked, click-throughs, deliverability, responses and turnover. Generate detailed reports and develop targeted marketing campaigns to build solid brand reputation and increase your customer loyalty. We'll get your message sent and SEEN!

A Convenient Web-Based Solution

Radiant Response is a web-based application; you have nothing to install and need no additional support staff. Start delivering your business communications immediately, with no system requirements or major initial investment. With only a web browser and an internet connection required, Radiant Response is ready to send your message whenever you are!

Manage Your Lists to Send Relevant Messages

Good marketing starts with identifying a targeted audience. Radiant Response allows you to capture detailed reporting data to target specific markets based on message interaction. Utilize our automated messaging features to communicate strategic email marketing campaigns based on your contact behavior. Our tools make it easy to develop list segmentations to drill down contacts into targeted groups for personalized, regional marketing and relevant mailings.

Build Creative Content

We provide you with a complete selection of email messaging templates to help you start communicating your message immediately. Our web-based application makes it easy to brand your message templates, build impressive email messages and even upload your own custom templates to reinforce and maintain brand consistency with your other marketing programs.

Take advantage of our design services and we'll build customized templates for your business that capture the eyes of your targeted audience while communicating your company's unique brand and values. We can help you implement a complete email marketing strategy, ask us how.

Read Reports, See Results

Our comprehensive reporting and analytic tools allow you to effectively gauge your email messaging campaign results and target your markets based on contact behavior and response. By letting Kaleidoscopic put the Radiant Response solution to work for your business, we'll get your message delivered, build solid brand reputation and increase customer loyalty.

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