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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Analysis

Understanding how your social media has been performing is crucial to developing a plan and measuring success. We provide a baseline analysis to determine everything from the best times per day to post, what types of posts do the best, and what topics most work to improve your social media marketing, gain exposure and engagement. From there, we can conduct analyses on a monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual basis to track your progress over time. This way, we can analyze measurable results for social media campaigns and ongoing efforts.

Social Media Strategy

We create a social media plan based on your business goals to provide a personalized and actionable strategy to grow your business. This includes which social networks work the best for your business and how to use those networks for maximum impact with your target audience to achieve your benchmarks. We do this through two ways:

We dive deep to understand your needs and the essence of your company. We use this information to walk you through how different social media platforms can benefit your company and how to best utilize them. From here, we work with you to create a weekly and annual social media plan focused on accomplishing your goals. This option is best for business owners who are looking for a bit of direction on where to start or who want more control over their social media plan.

Social Media Playbook
We develop a step-by-step guide to how to best promote your business. We give you a detailed planner for weekly and annual action plans based on your target audience and business goals. This includes information on the purpose of each item and how it can increase the impact of your time spent on social channels. Guides are created based on which social channels you are wanting to dive into. This option is preferred for companies that have a general idea of what direction they want to take but don't have as much time to focus on it.

Organic Growth

We streamline your social media to get the most impact with less time. By working with the end in mind, we post and monitor social channels based on your goals. This can be anything from attracting awareness for the company to building an email list or getting people to an event.

Paid Promotion

If you want to grow fast, this is for you. Paid ads grow social media exponentially faster than through organic means. We use our expert knowledge of social media advertisements to target your potential clients and grow your business. We specialize in Facebook ads while still offering promotions on a variety of other platforms.


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